Prepare For Your First Job Interview

The first job interview will be one of the most stressful events in your life. But if you can go through the first one without too much trouble, the others that follow will be easy to tackle. Your first big professional interview will be a lot different from that job interview in college to be a dishwasher at the school cafeteria. The interviewers will be tougher, and probe deeply regarding your skills and abilities. So, here are a few tips on how to prepare in advance and ace your first job interview:

●     Practice Smiling
You will need to smile to appear appealing and friendly when you first see your interviewers. You want your interviewers to perceive you as easy to work with, so if you don’t smile, you will give the wrong impression. Yes, it can be hard to smile when you are so nervous. So, practice at home in front of a mirror to show a natural smile at times you feel least like smiling. You can purchase teeth whitening kits in advance to make that smile extra bright.

●    Research the Company
Before you go in, thoroughly research the company or the organization that you are interviewing for. Your knowledge of the company will be tested at the interview, and the interviewers will ask questions regarding your suitability for their company. Knowing what the company does, the latest projects, corporate interests and such will be essential for acing your first job interview.

●    Look Good
You can make a good first impression on your interviewers by looking good. That means wearing neat and clean clothes that are suitable for the interview, a tidy hairstyle, and overall neat appearance. Your facial features or how expensive your clothes are won’t matter. But you looking organized and hygienic will greatly matter. Don’t forget to buy deodorant to smell nice and some minimalist makeup along with the teeth whitening kits.

●    Re-Read the Vacancy Advertisement
Make sure you know what the job you are applying for requires. Read to vacancy advertisement several times and adjust your resume and responses to suit the job requirements and responsibilities.

●    Ask Alumni
Before you go in, it will help to have some valuable inside knowledge. So, if possible, talk to people who have gone through interviews with the same company before. If possible, try to contact a current employee of the company, and ask for tips.In a nutshell, do your research, look presentable and appear friendly, and you will be able to ace your first job interview without running into any unwanted roadblocks.