Why Does The Skin Peel After Sunburn?


Those who experience sunburn usually find that their skin starts to peel in the sunburn area. The peeling leads to dead skin coming off and tender skin being exposed underneath it. This can make the skin appear uneven and reddish. However, it is part of the healing process. There are ways one can reduce the extent of peeling and make the new skin appear less evident and exposed.
What happens during skin burn?
When sunburn occurs on any patch of skin the effect is similar to cooking. Light cooking effects can be extensive on the skin, which is made of delicate cells. With extended exposure to sunlight the upper skin layers get damaged. The skin cells in the upper layers get burned and killed. This can lead to blistering or redness which happens when you have suffered from extensive sun exposure without spray tan solution.
How the skin heals?
When the skin has been burnt due to extensive exposure to the sun the skin starts to peel off. This is the natural healing process whereby the cells that are killed falling off and new skin cells emerge from below. The dried skin starts flaking and peeling off. When new cells come out, these shows as a red layer below the pale and flaky skin on the top. For ensuring even exposure of the skin, one should use spray tan solution. However, when one is exposing their bodies to the sun for getting a tan, they need to limit their exposure so that adverse effects are not felt. Easy to use spray tan machines are the best equipment for getting an even tan. 
Protecting the new skin
The new skin that starts to emerge below the flaky and outer skin layer is sensitive to sunlight even more. These cells are new and are not used to sun exposure. As a result, when the new skin is coming up you need to protect these parts of the body from being exposed to the sun. If new skin gets intense exposure it can lead to blistering and that can cause further damage to tissues that lie below the new skin cells.
How to aid the healing process?
Even though the sun burns heal by themselves, there are ways to reduce the redness and the peeling process. One should wash themselves with a mild soap and cold water. Hot water and harsh soaps can irritate the skin and cause skin problems. In order to reduce the itching sensation that comes on one can apply mashed tomatoes on the affected area or gently spritz vinegar on the area. One should not wrap up the affected area as it needs to heal under normal air conditions. These are some steps that one can take to aid the healing process.