Wish List

I’ve been losing weight. In fact, I’ve lost over 13 kilos and am feeling fighting fit. I’ve a few more to go but today I am on cloud nine. Like many mothers, I had been putting off doing something for myself but shifting the weight is only the start of it. Choosing better eating choices is hard. There are days when I just want to raid the lolly tin but I don’t. I know that I’m on a journey and although it has taken me a while, I’m nearly at its end. Well, actually, let me correct myself, it is the end of the weight loss and onto maintaining it.

I’ve started to exercise regularly. I never really like going to the gym as it was a place of lots of machines, faceless people and an overwhelming smell of sweat. I’ve found a personal training set up that is just perfect for me. Small, intimate and no sweaty smells. There’s always a welcoming ‘hello’ from the other regulars at my preferred workout times and words of encouragement as the kilos shed and my body tones. My next challenge is teeth whitening. I have very nice teeth but they are yellow. I’ve been lucky enough to never had needed to have a tooth pulled or an injection in my mouth although I do have some fillings and sealants. However healthy my teeth may be, they don’t look great. I’m not looking to have ‘pearly whites’ like a Hollywood movie star but just a few shades paler so that my daughter stops commenting on the fact that my teeth aren’t white but yellow. I’ll know when it’s an essential item on my ‘to-do’ list when I see a hand drawn picture of me with yellow teeth!

Lastly, I have buying the best Australian organic skin care products on the market in my sights. I want to ensure that my skin ages well and is nourished appropriately. By using organic anti-ageing skin care, I will know that I’m doing the best I can for my skin as I age. And I know that my forgotten and abused skin needs some well-deserved treats. I think once I’m fully sorted out, I will be a very happy and contented middle aged woman. It will set me up for my twilight years with vigour and energy. Eating well, exercising and a good skin routine are at the heart of looking good as you get older. Sorting out my smile by whitening my teeth is a necessary bonus as I’m not willing to give up my tea and occasional red wine habit! Not worth thinking about what they’d look like when I hit my 60s if I left them as they are. Roll on goal weight so I can tackle the rest of my wish list, search online for organic skin care. brands.